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Everyone has different forms of relieve, mine's running alone and writing

- garde, au sein du malheur, l'espérance et la foi-
- keep, in the midst of unhappiness, hope and faith-

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Updates on the Bali trip- it was simply too nice not to have a post to remember it by!

Day 1- Had breakfast, arranged for a driver for the next day, then headed out to Seminyak beach.. Had a beer at Breeze @ the Samaya around midday, then started on a 1.5 hour-long stroll from Seminyak all the way to Kuta under the hot sun. Didn't feel as hot as it should be cos of the constant sea breeze, but someone's pretty sunburnt at the end of the day (of which he insisted it's cos he was shielding me from the sun's glare.. awwwww)!

Then we walked around Kuta Poppy Lane 1 & 2 before settling down for lunch in a little local resto. After lunch, we strolled a bit more around Kuta Square before heading back to Seminyak looking for a massage. A 1-hr massage at Nirvana Spa later, we headed for dinner at La Lucciola where we had the most delectable beef wagyu linguine and lamb ragout! Mouth-watering... Beachfront location with the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore, fine dining in singlet, shorts & slippers, all for the total price of less than what a meal at Iguana along Boat Quay costs!

After dinner, we heaed back to our hotel, Mutiara Bali Boutique Resort & Villa on Jalan Braban. We relaxed in a 30-min jacuzzi at the pool at 10pm, before washing up back in our room's semi-open bathroom (unique).

Day 2- Our driver picks us up at 8.30am and we head off on a 1.5 hr drive to Ubud. 1st up- Ubud central market, where I bot a sarong, and he bot a handmade kite! Now to find a time in SG to fly the kite! ;)
After Ubud market, we headed to the rice terraces- we climbed down the rice terrace towards a hut with a old man and his dog, had a refreshing Rp 20,000 coconut (get a cheap thrill out of paying "thousands" for a coconut) then climbed all the way back up again. Stunning, beautiful pictures!

Lunch! My favouritest meal in Bali was lunch at Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) restaurant in Ubud! Crispy duck, ayam penyet style! Absolutely yummilicious!

After lunch, we headed down all the way south to Uluwatu temple for our cultural dose. The view of the cliffs dropping off into the ocean was awe-inspiring- waves crashing relentlessly into the cliff bottom, a lone temple standing on the edge of the cliff (Ulu means "land's end" and watu means "rock"). The monkeys are known to be agressive, but they did nothing more than come sniffing around my slippers (although they did snatch a clip off another tourist).

After Uluwatu, we head to Dreamland beach to kill some time. Turns out, this was earmarked to be developed into a mega tourist hub during Suharto's time but because of the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis, it was abandoned. We passed by a guarded gantry to get into the resort areas, drove a good 10-15mins past long driveways, a golf course and half-built buildings before finally parking, and then took a 5min hike thru unpaved treks of small rocks before reaching this relatively undeveloped beach. It was small, but with locals enjoying the surf, it was pretty relaxing.

Dinner was of course at Jimbaran Bay for a spectacular beach sunset view! But truth is, we didn't actually eat any seafood cos we were still way too full from lunch! So we had a large beer each while enjoying the sunset view and just talking about everything and nothing.. After we were done with the beers, we strolled briefly along the beach before heading back to Seminyak..

Day 3- very short day cos our flight was at 12.55pm. I headed to the Mutiara Spa for a relaxing 1-hr Javanese lulur scrub (excellent- body scrub incoporating massage techniques, and the tumeric smells really relaxes the body) while he lounges around. After the spa, we checked out and headed to the airport for our flight home..

A short, but very very enjoyable and memorable 2 days in beautiful Bali, can't wait to go back there again!

[[.ran.]] 11:04 pm

Saturday, April 09, 2011

It's been a looong time, lack of updates hehe..

Let's see..

Work wise, could potentially be an interesting year, depending on how things turn out. The 1 thing that could ruin the year would be interpersonal relationships I guess. Elsewise, this could poise to be a landmark year? Hmmm.

Social life, going ok. Meeting with friens once in a while, drinks, dinner, lunches etc. Starting to reconnect more with some older friends, the feeling's really nice. Perhaps it was too premature of me to write some things off too quickly previously, I'm glad for the effort we put in to keep things going. And I realise, with the different things we are persuing in life, and without the pressure of needing to keep up or "outperform" or "outdo" each other, it's much easier to share thoughts and feelings once again..

26 march- Bain's big day! Wooohooooo! So happy for 1 of my closest friends who has decided to settle down.. Congrats darl!

30 march- in Bali.. A wonderful, thou v short, 2.5 days in beautiful Bali.. Some photos, many memories, best of times.. I'm already thinking of my next Bali trip.. Oh the wonderful food and wonderful massages and friendly people, can't wait to go back! =)

[[.ran.]] 10:38 pm

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Happy 2011!

First entry of the new year, with 1 month behind us in a flash!

Had a great start to the new year.. Eating, sleeping, working, more importantly, no studying (for 2 months, that is)!

And is it me, or did this year's CNY hols (4 day break at that!) passed by waaaaaay too quickly! I don't even rem what I did, all I know is that it's gone! Zoomed right by me!

Anyways. Resolutions!!

Last year, I resolved to have more patience.. I would say I fulfilled 50%? I'm still not the world's most patient person, but I'm trying!

This year, I have another resolution- be more hardworking! I realised I have really slacked off in terms of upgrading myself over late 2009 till now, ever since the day I decided when my last French class would be.. Last year towards the end, I got convinced to pick up the books again, and it's something I hope I can continue into this year. I want to increase overall knowledge & stay in touch, stay relevant!

Ok, resolutions done. Now up for hols!

1- Gotta clear leave at end March (conveniently took it after darling B's wedding), where's good for a 4d3n trip besides Bangkok? Suggestions welcome :)

2- Compliance leave.. where to where to? Europe? USA? Aussie? Nepal? Decisions haha.....

OK that's it for now, I hope this year rumbles along smoothly, I hope to do better than last year, to not make the same mistakes, to learn from my wrongs and most importantly, to be a better person, to be proud of what I've done in 2011.

Happy new year folks..

[[.ran.]] 12:04 am

Monday, December 27, 2010

Haven't been blogging for the longest times.. It's like, I'm already spending so much time on the computer at work, sometimes I just don't want to turn on another computer at home.. I'm perfectly contented to laze around in the living room watching TV. That's why we subscribe to cable TV right? ;p

Couch potatoes aside, work beginning to ease up a bit for now, no longer handling dual portfolios so it's a bit better. Or maybe it's just the year end lull haha!
But nonetheless, there's always something to whine about at work, and here's mine- Jan 8 & 9 (Sat & Sun) are working days for me! BAH!!!!! Can't even have a peaceful weekend start to the year! BAHHHH!!

Anyways. 2010 coming to an end, maybe it's time to do a "year in review" thing!

Hmmmm. This year passed by soooo quickly!

Jan- Bainie seriously preparing to leave for HK! Life suddenly felt a bit strange knowing I'm gonna miss her so much!

Feb- CNY makes a pretty busy month even shorter.. This yr CNY coincided with Vday so amongst the midst of CNY visiting, I also didn't notice the hooha that is Vday haha..

Mar- Bainie asked me along for dinner and drinks with some of her NTU frens, that, I believe, is how it all started...

Apr- My very first live F1 raceday in KL! Fabulous weekend getaway in KL- staying at the Ritz, fine dining at the Marriott plus after-dinner party, tix at the K1 turn for the Sepang Grand Prix! What a weekend!

May- Booked tix for HK in Aug, HK (and Bain & Fred here we come!)

June- All is well again! Ready to tackle 2nd half of the year..

July- Decided to take the Constantly Freaking Agony in Dec! Sheesh!! And finally decided on where to go for compliance leave!

Aug- HK trip! Omg spent alot, eat alot, laugh alot! Thanks Bain & Fred for hosting us! Lots of shopping, hunting for egg tarts and old-school cha chan teng in Macau, overdosing on mango desserts in Hui Lau Shan!

Sep- Block leave! 2 week perfect getaway to Siem Reap - Phnom Penh - Bangkok - Krabi.. Finally got to see Angkor Wat (fabulous), cheap buys in Bkk, relaxing massages and overdosing on pad thai and watermelon shake and Singha beer wherever we went!

Oct- Buried at work.. Moved from Credit products to Derivatives and exotics, tight timeline to learn and teach, much work to do. But important thing is, it's overrrr. Haha! Plus, started golf classes again! Time to really earn that PC hahaha..

Nov- Bday month! Love the big bouquet of red roses and the messenger! Then the rest of the month was spent in a hazy blur of books, calculators and "5-min naps" =S

Dec- Constantly Freaking Agony on 1st Sunday of Dec. Whatever, it's overrrr! Life resumes! Lazy weekends, prawning, shopping, eating, finally meeting with friends again.. Christmas shopping! Giving and receiving gifts (got some fantastic ones these yr from my colleagues).
Xmas eve- Dinner at Yvonne's place! Turnout was great- Yv & Mac & Joyce (of cos), Huiying, Pearlyn, Jingle & me, even some JC pals I haven't seen in a long time- Jingzhong, Clarence, Darius!
Xmas day- Sleep in, lazed around watching some really interesting cable tv (haha), then annual family KTV session at nite, was Awesome!
And a mention- Loveliest xmas gift e-v-e-r! Thanks dear!

Ok so that's it, what a year it has been! Freaking tremendous.. Not been updating a lot cos was simply too busy with many things- life, work, study.. I'll try to update more in 2011!
Meanwhile, I finally found some time to go for pilates class this afternoon- my 1st class in 2 months! 2 months!! No wonder my arms and thighs and calves and what little muscle I had turned flabby! Time to up the core conditioning and the running and the yoga!!

That's all for now, check back again another time!
And just in case this happens to be my last post of 2010, here's wishing u a great end to the year and the best of starts to the new year!

[[.ran.]] 10:21 pm

Monday, December 06, 2010

Making my first entry on my new lappie! Hehee!

Actually bot my lappie last Friday at Sitex, but only turned it on and used it today due to the promise I made to myself! It's a cool new Samsung lappie, got quite a good deal on it so I'm really happy.. Finally a new lappie in 6 yrs! How techie dinosaur am I!!

Anyways.. it's over! And I don't like to discuss things in this aspect when it's over.. Just wait and see bah. Don't care le hahahah..


Am totally enjoying doing nothing just because I can! =P

[[.ran.]] 12:44 am

Thursday, November 11, 2010
1 yr older!

Birthday this yr was of cos great!

Besides for e fact that it sucks horribly to be working on your bday (long story), it went ok for work I guess..

Plus there's the added bonus of getting flowers delivered to the office on your bday :)

Had a yummy dinner and drinks at Alcova after work, really enjoyed that. Thanks dear for a nice bday celebration!

Anyways. Back to reality. Work harder read faster!

[[.ran.]] 1:08 am

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hrmmmmmm what to say.. Work, read, work, read.. golf..


Anyone up for a trip nxt April 8 or 9 onwards? Got time to spare and leave to clear! Bkk maybe not a good idea, depends on when's the election. Maybe beach vacation or Indo or sth? Msg me if anyone's keen bah.. maybe can work sth out bah...

Trying to keep motivated at work.. Lately been having some odd thoughts..

Ok bah gonna read a bit and rest early.. Eczema and rash threatening to break out from all the stress and insufficient sleep.. zzzzz..

[[.ran.]] 10:40 pm